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At Cosmas, our philosophy is simple: Draw on the input and experience of professional firefighters, the latest innovative materials and technologies, and our hand-crafted footwear heritage to develop the best fitting, highest-quality, high-performance personal protective footwear available.More


Fire Pro Manufacturing

Fire Cap Plus is an environmentally friendly wetting agent that extinguishes fires rapidly and helps eliminate flashback. When mixed properly with water, Fire Cap Plus reduces the surface tension of water which then expands the wetted surface area and promotes deeper penetration into the seat of the fire. Besides putting out the fire, the incidence of heat, smoke, and vapors is significantly reduced. More

Hygloves Co., Ltd

Fluid Air Systems

Shanghai Hygloves Co.,Ltd is a manufacture of high quality leather gloves , mechanics gloves and some special gloves. Our main market is Japan, USA, Norway, Sweden,Finland, and some of the other countries. We have ten years trade experience and have a range of parters for different items. More

Lakeland Woven Products

Lakeland Woven Products
Our mission is to create and manufacture a wide variety of technologically advanced protective clothing that saves lives and protects workers both in private and public employment from fire, hazardous chemicals and diseases throughout the world.  Among leading companies designing and manufacturing protective garments for industry, municipalities, and the burgeoning healthcare field, Lakeland Industries’ products have established and maintained their global reputation for overall quality.  Indeed, our products have long been recognized as the field’s gold standard for quality – that essential, expected and deserved constituent of any protective wear. More

MK Diamond Products, Inc.

MK Diamond Products, Inc.
A recognized world leader in the manufacturing of precision diamond blades and equipment for cutting, coring and polishing all types of masonry, concrete, tile and stone products. More

Rupture Seal


RuptureSeal™ is a line of quick and easy leak-stopping devices designed for commercial and industrial purposes as well as individual cleanup. Using newly patented technology, RuptureSeal™ can safely close breaches, minimize damage, help protect the environment, preserve health and safety, potentially save thousands of dollars through spill remediation, and save lives. More

Power Hawk Auto-Crib


Since its introduction, the Power Hawk Rescue System continues to save lives around the world, offering unique features and capabilities that go well beyond traditional hydraulic rescue tools. (Please note-we only sell the Auto Crib device and not the Power Hawk rescue tools).More

Safety IQ


At Safety iQ, your safety is our No. 1 priority. Our company is committed to providing you, our customers, with leading-edge safety products and services to reduce risk and enable you to take the right steps to improve personal safety during emergency situations. It is our mission to provide individuals of all ages with the most innovative safety products and services from around the world. More

Saw Armor

saftspecsChainsaws and cutoff saws are expensive to purchase and when your equipment fails to operate correctly while performing rescue or firefighting operations, it can mean the difference between life and death.More

Solid Opteoelectrics Co, Ltd


SOLID Optoelectronics Co., Ltd is an innovative solid state LED lighting company. Our main aim is to design, develop, and manufacture high quality, and energy efficient lighting fit for the 21st century. Our products can result in light energy saving of up to 80% compared to traditional lighting methods. They are non-toxic and completely recyclable. More

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